Collection: Ambush

Ambush, a Tokyo-based contemporary jewelry and apparel brand, was co-founded by Yoon Ahn and her husband, Verbal, in 2008. Initially recognized for its inventive jewelry designs, Ambush morphed into a full-scale clothing line that deftly intertwines Tokyo's avant-garde spirit with globally-informed aesthetic sensibilities. Ambush's design ethos draws from an array of influences, including pop art, punk, and the brand's native Tokyo street style, resulting in creations that straddle the line between high fashion and streetwear. Under Yoon's creative direction, the brand has been nominated for several prestigious fashion awards, reflecting its innovative designs and burgeoning influence within the fashion industry. Ambush has also participated in multiple high-profile collaborations with brands like Nike and Converse, solidifying its status within both the streetwear and luxury fashion spheres. Yoon, with her discerning eye for subversive yet wearable designs, has driven Ambush into a realm where fashion, art, and daily wear converge, creating a distinctive, eclectic style uniquely its own.