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FUCT, pronounced as each individual letter F-U-C-T, was founded in Los Angeles in 1990 by Erik Brunetti and Natas Kaupas, although Kaupas left the brand shortly after its inception. FUCT is often credited with pioneering the incorporation of subversive, satirical, and counterculture themes into streetwear. The brand distinguishes itself by utilizing bold graphics and parodic elements, often referencing pop culture, governmental symbols, and iconic brand logos, thereby establishing a rebellious and critique-laden aesthetic. FUCT holds a notable spot in the history of streetwear, recognized for its edgy, provocative designs and its significant influence on the evolution of street and skate culture fashion. The brand adeptly weaves together the threads of rebellion, social commentary, and a nonchalant attitude, continually challenging norms and making unapologetic statements through its apparel, and maintaining a deeply rooted and respected place in streetwear history.

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