Collection: Number (N)ine

Number (N)ine, a Japanese fashion brand, was founded by designer Takahiro Miyashita in 1996. The brand is renowned for its intricate blending of various cultural, musical, and fashion influences, particularly from the Western rock and grunge scenes. Miyashita, self-taught and profoundly influenced by music, interweaved his admiration for American and British rock culture into his designs, often embodying a spirit of rebellion, melancholy, and romanticism. Number (N)ine distinguished itself through its meticulous craftsmanship, innovative designs, and the emotional storytelling embedded in its collections. The brand often presented pieces that were layered with textures and meanings, reflecting Miyashita's personal inspirations and introspections. Though Miyashita stepped away from Number (N)ine in 2009, the brand is solidified in fashion history as a label that beautifully intertwined the worlds of music and fashion, and it continues to be celebrated in the vintage market for its originality and poignant aesthetic narratives.