Collection: Hysteric Glamour

Hysteric Glamour, a Japanese fashion brand, was founded in 1984 by Nobuhiko Kitamura. The brand draws substantial influence from the 1960s and 1970s music, art, and pop culture, integrating these elements into its contemporary fashion pieces. Hysteric Glamour effectively juxtaposes vintage American themes with modern Japanese design, showcasing a vivid amalgamation of bold graphics, intricate prints, and dynamic color palettes. Renowned for its unique collaborations and a broad spectrum of offerings, which span from apparel to home goods, the brand has solidified its presence both in Japan and internationally. With a penchant for infusing rock-and-roll and rebellious aesthetics into its designs, Hysteric Glamour appeals to those who embrace a fusion of retro and modern, casual and edgy. The brand enjoys a particular niche among fashion enthusiasts who appreciate its unabashed, vibrant, and oftentimes audacious, interpretations of classic and contemporary style elements.